A Cat Sanctuary in the Heart of Rome

The Gatti di Roma (Cats of Rome) are well-know and dearly loved as the elegant, adorable, and lazy residents of the city’s grand ruins. These cats are kept happy and healthy by the amazing work of the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, whose volunteers care for them seven days a week. You can visit the sanctuary between noon and 6 pm every day, and play with the furry residents who are fed, sheltered, and given medical care by the dedicated and passionate staff of volunteers.

Ancient Roman Ruins, Julius Caesar, and Kitties

The Area Sacra di Largo Argentina archaeological ruins, situated adjacent to the sanctuary, are famous as the location of Julius Caesar’s assassination (specifically, the ruins of the curia of the theatre of Pompey). A visit to the ruins is a great opportunity to visit the cat sanctuary! You cannot walk among the ruins themselves, but the views from the railings are good enough to appreciate the buildings and their history.

Entrance to the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is free, and donations or purchases of TACS branded souvenirs are much appreciated as the sanctuary relies on the generosity of visitors to make improvements and maintain the level of care for the 150+ cats they look after.

Adoption from a Distance

You can adopt a cat “from a distance”, which is akin to sponsoring their care (food, kitty litter, medicines, health care) with a donation. You will be able to choose your cat, and get updates on how they are doing, as well as photographs and news from the sanctuary. Donations are used for all the cats at the sanctuary, of course, but adopting at a distance makes the donation more personal and special.

Special Needs Cats Nursery

My favourite part of the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is the nursery for special needs cats – the blind, physically disabled, chronically ill (e.g., those with epilepsy) and the very old and immobile. These cats gets special care that allows them to enjoy their lives despite their difficulties. Without this shelter, many of the disabled cats would have died homeless and helpless on the streets. So, it’s easy to see how crucial this sanctuary is for the beautiful cats of Rome. A visit to Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is a must if you’re a cat lover, or an animal lover in general.

A Cat Lover’s Paradise

The sanctuary welcomes visitors who wish to get some kitty cuddles, as their cats enjoy any extra affection and attention. The actual sanctuary is small and smelly (as it houses about 30 cats indoors!), so if you are allergic you can still view the cats lounging outside on the large stones of the ruins.