Saturday Markets in Frankfurt

If you happen to be in Frankfurt on a Saturday, be sure to check out the Kleinmarkthalle and the Erzeugermarkt Konstablerwache (Farmer’s Market), which are both near Hauptwache in the city centre. These food markets are a delight to the senses, and well worth a visit. Kleinmarkthalle is an indoor market full of “delikatessen” and “feinkost” (luxury cooking ingredients and food), with many vendors and a stunning arrangement of meats, cheeses, spices, world cuisine (Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, etc), flowers, fruit, and vegetables.

Erzeugermarkt is a lot more relaxed, with rural farmers selling their farm-fresh wares outdoors. I was amazed at the perfect fruit and vegetables, sold with earth still clinging to their roots, and the wide variety of fresh herbs available for purchase. Look out for typical Hessen specialties such as Kartoffelpuffer, huge fried potato pancakes with applesauce, and various types of apple wine (Apfelwein) and fruit juices.

How to get there:

Kleinmarkthalle: Travel to Hauptwache station (via bus or S-Bahn). You can walk from there to the market – take Zeil Strasse and then turn right into Hasengasse Strasse. Continue down Hasengasse Str. and cross Töngesgasse Strasse, straight ahead until you see the Kleinmarkthalle on the right hand side.


Erzeugermarkt Konstablerwache: Really easy – simply take the S-Bahn to Konstablerwache. The market is right there!


Kleinmarkthalle, amazing assortment of fresh veggies
Kleinmarkthalle, delicious truffles and pralines!
Kleinmarkthalle, nursery. We bought two tiny cacti!
“Please don’t touch, rub, or eat the herbs! We will gladly assist you.”
Kleinmarkthalle – so many kinds of olives!
Erzeugermarkt, fresh produce (lettuce, etc) from a nearby farm
Erzeugermarkt, “soup kits” with carrots, leeks, and turnips
Erzeugermarkt, beautiful rhubarb

One thing you MUST try when in Frankfurt is apple wine, or Apfelwein. This alcoholic drink is a bit like cider, and it’s made from pressed apples. You can have it “pur” (which is the default, normal kind), “süß, which is sweetened, or “sauer”, which is very bitter. I prefer pur, as it’s bitter but still pleasant to drink.

Erzeugermarkt, Apfelwein stall with fruit juice
Apfelwein! For only €1.50 a glass. Mmmmmm.
Today, I tried Apfelwein-Rosé for the first time (the pink one) – delicious!
Me with my Apfelwein-rosé 😉 happy times.
Cheers! A lovely Saturday 🙂

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