Odd and Wonderful Things Seen in Germany

Free liquor tasting, Ernst August Galerie, Hannover
Free liquor tasting, Ernst August Galerie, Hannover

2013-08-01 17.47.28
Dog being very obedient and waiting patiently in Depot, a home store in Germany.
2013-08-28 10.18.34
Firemen arrive within 10 minutes after fire alarm goes off in Welcome Hotel, Frankfurt. False alarm.
2014-03-01 19.02.35
About 5 different kinds of German potatoes! Rewe supermarket.
2014-04-05 12.10.24
Serpentine art, Hannover Hauptbahnhof
2014-04-13 16.56.18
Guinea pig castle, Hannover Zoo
2014-06-13 15.48.58
Art Installation at the Royal Herrenhauser Garten – Raindance. Participants stand under pressurized jets of water holding umbrellas, and the cascading water plays out a tune.
2014-06-13 19.10.40
Antics at the laundromat (waschsalon), Hannover
2014-07-22 19.58.10
Green light means the ATM is free.
photo 1
Laundromat machine from old times – asking for Deutsche Mark, instead of Euro. Frankfurt
photo 4
Snack and drink vending machine on a train
photo 5 (1)
Tree-lined tram line, Frankfurt
Deutschland Weltmeisters – Fans gathering at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof before the final against Argentina.
On the menu in Frankfurt – “Hand cheese with music and bread”.
“The best thing that an apple can become” – Advertisement for Apfelwein (apple wine), Frankfurt
Egg-wagon in Hannover – I heard a very loud cockerel crowing noise coming from outside once, turns out it was the sound of this van that sells fresh farm produce in the suburbs once a week.
Fresh cherries (luscious, firm and sweet) in Munich, complete with “no touching” signs.
Designer “mopshund” (pug dog) with his tail dyed pink. Yes, he’s a boy pug with a pretty pink tail.
Surf school on the waveless Starnbergersee (Lake Starnberg), Bavaria
A reminder that personal space is important in Germany.
A bizarre castle/toll building in the middle of the Rhine River, between Sankt Goar and Bacharach
Ducks sliding around on the frozen lake surface in Hannover, February
Toy rats for sale in Hameln (“Hamelin”, the city that the Pied Piper visited)
Easter bonfire in Blankenese, Hamburg. Bonfires dot the strip of beach along the Elbe River.
A warning about dangerous waves. And a sign prohibiting fires, on the beach next to the massive Easter bonfire.
Boat huts teetering precariously on stilts and stacked stones, Starnberg, Bavaria
The sign reads, “DANGER! Do not step on the wall!”.
Poor horse dressed in a zebra cover.
“Dog parking place” with a clip to attach to your dog’s leash.
Outdoor free tango evening by the Main river, Frankfurt


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  1. Only in Deutschland! I miss Berlin. Speaking of which, they have a museum dedicated exclusively to the mighty curry wurst! 😉

    1. Indeed! Haha, I will be sure to look out for that museum when I visit! 😀

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