Fairview Wine & Cheese, South Africa

You probably wouldn’t expect to pet cute goats whilst on a wine-tasting trip at a vineyard, but at Fairview Cheese and Wine Estate in Paarl, South Africa, you can do just that!

This working farm produces award-winning cheeses and wines, and the quirky “goat tower” is a fun attraction for adults and kids alike.

Goats do Roam at Fairview

The  “goat tower” is the signature feature of the wine farm, and many visitors watch and wait for the goats to climb the tower so they can take pictures.

The goats are friendly and you can pet them if you like, if you don’t mind the musky goat smell and potential nibbles, hehe. The younger goats have a playground, and watching their silly antics is always entertaining. I love that Fairview makes the quality of life of their goats a top priority.

Fairview Wine and Cheese Tasting

Treat yourself to a wine and cheese tasting at Fairview and learn about their wines, and the best pairings to bring out the flavours of each wine and each type of cheese.  The wine educators are funny and incredibly knowledgeable, and it’s well worth doing a full tasting to get the full experience.

There’s also The Goatshed Mediterranean-style restaurant, which is perfect for a leisurely lunch after wine-tasting and before goat-petting.

My favourite Fairview wine and cheese combinations are chevin with black pepper and paprika paired with Shiraz, and feta paired with Fairview Darling Sauvignon Blanc. There are wines to suit every budget, from cheap and cheerful young wines to more mature premium wines. 

Don’t forget to check out the deli before leaving – you can make a great picnic with a few bottles of wine, a selection of cheeses, fresh farm-style bread, and antipasti like olives and sun-dried tomatoes.

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fairview cheese and olives

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