Elgin, South Africa – A Romantic Escape into the Apple Valley

A Spring Wedding in the Overberg Countryside, South Africa

Last year in October, my husband and I had our family wedding celebration at South Hill Farm in Elgin, just outside of Cape Town. October is springtime in South Africa, which means frequent cloudbursts, apple blossoms, green vineyards, sunshine, and bright blue skies dotted with wispy white clouds. The weekend was absolutely perfect, and every time I look at the photographs of our wedding day and honeymoon, I get homesick.

We made an effort to celebrate our South African roots at our wedding – my bouquet was a Madiba King Protea, a glorious, gigantic indigenous flower 🙂 We enjoyed the local wine from South Hill Farm – their Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé is sublime! – and spent the weekend in the Pumphouse, a beautiful, rustic cottage on the farm property. I would highly recommend a day trip to Elgin, with wine-tasting and lunch at South Hill! A weekend away from Cape Town in the guest house or Pumphouse is also incredibly refreshing and relaxing.

Click here to find out a bit more about South Hill and the Elgin Valley – the area is about an hour outside of Cape Town city centre, and well worth a visit!

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All photographs above taken by the lovely, talented photographer Trudy Joubert.

Click here for more of our wedding photographs!


An Escape into Nature


We stayed at South Hill for our honeymoon – a few days of peace and quiet after the months of wedding planning and a weekend of wine-fuelled celebrations. We enjoyed the wildlife, went mountain biking on Fat Cat bikes rented from the Old Mac Daddy next door, drank some local craft beer, and just lazed about in the sun. Bliss! I’d go back in a heartbeat   <3

If you have any questions about the Elgin Valley (things to do, accommodation, places to eat), ask away in the comments section! 🙂

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