Saturday Markets in Frankfurt

If you happen to be in Frankfurt on a Saturday, be sure to check out the Kleinmarkthalle and the Erzeugermarkt Konstablerwache (Farmer’s Market), which are both near Hauptwache in the city centre. These food markets are a delight to the senses, and well worth a visit. Kleinmarkthalle is an indoor market full of “delikatessen” and “feinkost” (luxury cooking ingredients and food), with many vendors and a stunning arrangement of meats, cheeses, spices, world cuisine (Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, etc), flowers, fruit, and vegetables.

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Weekend Woodland Getaway in Northern Germany

I have always loved forests. There’s something undeniably magical about them – the eerie stillness, the soft, dappled patterns of shade and sun, the rustling leaves – something magical, and something mysterious. I used to imagine that, like Bessie and her siblings in The Enchanted Wood, I need only wrap my arms around the trunks of great big trees in the woods, press my little ear to the bark, and that they would then whisper to me through the rustling of their leaves, telling me their secrets.

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German Food – Vegetarian Options

It’s no secret that Germany is a country of meat enthusiasts. Meat specialities include sausages like bratwurst, frankfurters, currywurst, and weisswurst; then there’s pork or chicken schnitzel, horse (yes, really – it’s a delicacy up north), goulash – the list goes on. Germans eat meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – truly the carnivore’s dream.

If the above list made you feel queasy instead of ravenous, then this article is for you! Vegetarian food does exist in Germany – you just need to know what the options are, and how to find them.

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